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Be a Landscaping Artist

If you Google search landscaping artist, you will find information on artists who paint or represent landscapes. Search on “art landscaping” and you’ll probably find a landscaping company run by a man named Art. Or some who use art or … Continued

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Tools & Ingredients

Often, people think great cooks simply have a “knack” for cooking that allows them to turn out tasty dishes. And it is true that exceptional cooks often do have a knack for it.  But it’s not that knack that makes … Continued

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Why Your Homepage Must Convert

On your landscaping website, your homepage must have a conversion-focused design.  It’s easy today to build a business website with many, many pages.  You can list all your landscaping services, your design gallery, a testimonials page, contact, request a quote, … Continued

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Focus on Landscaping Customer Retention

Spring is here, and landscapers everywhere are gearing up for another busy season.  Or at least they hope it’s busy.  That sales pipeline may or may not be too certain. Most landscapers will start to think of fresh meat.  Time … Continued

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What are You Marketing?

So, we get new landscapers or other small business clients who come in wanting us to market their business.  Natural enough, we’re a marketing company. A discussion ensues.  They want to know how we’ll market them.  Then we have to … Continued

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